Product care

To make your jewelry pieces, VESTERIA is carefully selecting and using only high quality materials. However, to maintain it's beautiful look here are a few recommendations to ensure that your jewelry will last forever.

Gold Filled : It is a fabulous alternative and has the same lustre and lasts as long as a pure gold. Gold filled jewelry is created by combining 14k gold with another metal, contains at least 1/20 gold by weight and doesn't peel or wear off like gold plated. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin. With proper care and storage it is tarnish safe. Gold filled is water friendly, however salt water and chlorine ( swimming pools ) should be avoided whether it is gold filled or solid gold. If your piece has not been worn for a period of time, it may oxidize just as sterling silver does. To make your 14k gold filled jewelry like new again, it should be washed regularly in warm water and soap with a soft brush or cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth.

.925 Sterling Silver : Is prone to oxidization, especially if not worn for a period of time. We recommend our customers to clean and remove the tarnish with a jewelry polishing cloth or silver cleaner.